Vector Challenge

Back in 2009, I challenged myself to do one vector portrait a day. I managed to keep it up everyday for almost three weeks.

Actually, I cheated.

I made vector portraits of myself based on a random theme, which is pretty easy.

self-portrait, 2009
A year later, my primary hard disk crashed. And a couple of months after that, my only backup hard disk gone kaput. Now I've lost all of the vectors that I've created from 2008 to 2010.

Resource files, work in progress, alternate versions, finished vectors, all gone.


Only three full sized vectors survived because I've uploaded them to my deviantART account.

Now I'm seriously considering on vectoring again. Maybe not as aggressive as before considering my tight schedule trying to build a career. *ehem*

One vector a day is impossible now, but maybe I can do one vector a week.