Extreme Trainspotting? Reverse Planking?

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Last week, Saharil posted this piece:

And today, I saw this at Blog Serisu:

Like, serisuly, wtf is this? Some sort of a cult or something? I never knew that reverse planking across railroad tracks could be this hip. Am I the only one who missed the memo?

If you ask me, I think Saharil must be held responsible for this. Say what you will, but it's obvious that his piece is the catalyst that triggers this massive trend of random insanity in Indonesia.

He is such a bad influence. His writing is a threat to mental stability and his art is too radical for direct consumption. And folks in general prefer to take everything he posted literally.

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey die a horrible death.

This is too much. Saharil should probably think twice before posting any more morbid pictures on his website. He should be more responsible in the future and post only pictures of cute birds and exotic foods and mysterious fruits instead.

That is the only way to save the general population from being tempted to try decoding his complex, multi-layered symbolism driven drawings which will ultimately lead to permanent lunacy. One Clementino Kulup is quite enough, thank you.

One more thing...

...what is this magical creature? Is it a bear or is it a fairy? See how confused she is? I would be too if I go out looking like that. Somehow, I think Saharil should be blamed for this one too. Just for good measure.


  1. Haha! entri blog Saharil dibaca oleh orang seberang?

    'Sedikit' aliran elektrik baik untuk otak yang malas. agaknya.

  2. Mungkin jugak sel-sel otak diorang tak berhubung sebab tak minum Anmum Essential masa kecik. Jadi perlukan supplements dari rel keretapi. =p