Rather Than Love, Than Money, Than Fame, Give Me Truth

2 protes
Calum :‘And what is truth?’ said jesting Pilate.

Dwarf :Sometimes I think that truth is a place.
In my mind, it is like a city:
there can be a hundred roads,
a thousand paths,
that will all take you,
eventually, to the same place.
It does not matter where you come from.
If you walk toward the truth,
you will reach it,
whatever path you take.

Calum :You are wrong.
The truth is a cave in the black mountains.
There is one way there, and one only,
and that way is treacherous and hard,
and if you choose the wrong path you will die alone,
on the mountainside.

This is a response to these videos.

Excerpt above is taken from Neil Gaiman's The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains via Super Punch
Video 1 via Apanama
Video 2 via Suicide Park


  1. bagi aku,

    kebenaran itu ada dalam Al-Quran dan kitab-kitab yang terdahulu(yang belum dicemari).

    Jadi Sila pakai otak. Macam topi keledar.

    he he.

    p/s: pinjam ko punya words....