...bagaimana mahu merdeka kalau mereka satu?
What a beautiful paradox by Saharil.

And the question asked is a very interesting one. How could we — you, me, everybody — who are so different in so many ways — creed, color, race, ideology, history, memory, identity, bearing & direction — who yearns to be what/who/as we are — individualist, progressive, conservative, capitalist, socialist, chauvinist, feminist, atheist, monotheist, nihilist — can be regarded as one and the same (generalization? stereotyping?) and still be independent?

If all of these differences makes us human, does denying it make us inhuman? But the biggest question of it all is: by being independent, are we free?

Sometimes people used the term merdeka (independence) and kebebasan (freedom) interchangingly, as if it's one and the same. But is it really the same thing?