Moment of Silence

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Are you aware of the stark contrast between this November and the November of 2011 in Saharil Conteng?

Last year in the months leading to November, the blog is lively like never before, with pure unfiltered noises, comparable to your friendly neighborhood pasar malam. This year, the silence is deafening.

As always, I would love to think this (everything) as a social experiment put forth by Saharil. We're the bacteria in his Petri dish. =)

I would love to win myself one of them priceless pebbles but since I've won two awesome books last year, I've decided not to participate in the contest this year. Winning makes me a veteran and veterans are, you know, old and grumpy mostly.

So, this year, I'll be roleplaying and my role is: a jealous observer.

If you're sharp, you might suggest that the reason I'm not participating this year is because I'm well aware of how slim my chances are of winning. And if you're witty, you might feel a need to insist that you know for sure that I can't win this year, but please don't rub it in thank you.

I like to think that I'm good at making prediction. So, my prediction for this year's winner is:
  1. HisyamZakaria
  2. ctnna
  3. anyone else?

Oh, and the thing I said about deafening silence, it refers to the comment section of the blog. Might not apply to his facebook page. Since I'm not on facebook, I don't know how it's like over there.

Honest to God, I really wanted to see HisyamZakaria win this year. He's like our very own Punxsutawney Phil who emerges for only a brief period of time before winter to bestow us with his wisdom.


  1. I'm guilty of just realizing that the comments section is not there anymore..longgg after it happened. So I asked why? His answer: sebenarnya mahu buang commenting terus, krn walau viewing number byk, respond sikit, even tho anonymous. Last2 tak jadi. Keep fb.


    Personally I like the old one better, ada anonymity yg comforting.

    1. So, in a way, last November was kinda an experiment for him, eh?

      At first, I thought there's something wrong with my browser. Then I thought it might be a glitch. When I finally realized what he did, I was a lil bit pissed off. It's sad really. But hey, it's his blog, he can do whatever he wants with it.

      Just hope he won't go MIA again.