Peace, Love, Empathy

I tend to leave an overly long comments on other people's blog. I wrote excessively. It's a tendency that I'm trying to keep in check. As an exercise in restraint, I tried very hard not to write a long post in my own blog.

This week I argued over hudud, AES, reward/punishment, moral & ethics and short term/long term solutions (all of which I never directly discuss in this blog). I'm not going to republish any of it verbatim since I don't think it's going anywhere. People will choose to believe whatever they wanted to. Your opinion doesn't matter.

So why did I even bother? Degil.

I like this quote:

It doesn't necessarily sums up what I wanted to say (or what I've said) but it's within the same universe. I didn't use the word religion per se in any of my previous arguments tho.

People tend to blame lack of religion or lack of religious laws as a basis for social problems. But is that really it?

img via Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici