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I tend to leave an overly long comments on other people's blog. I wrote excessively. It's a tendency that I'm trying to keep in check. As an exercise in restraint, I tried very hard not to write a long post in my own blog.

This week I argued over hudud, AES, reward/punishment, moral & ethics and short term/long term solutions (all of which I never directly discuss in this blog). I'm not going to republish any of it verbatim since I don't think it's going anywhere. People will choose to believe whatever they wanted to. Your opinion doesn't matter.

So why did I even bother? Degil.

I like this quote:

It doesn't necessarily sums up what I wanted to say (or what I've said) but it's within the same universe. I didn't use the word religion per se in any of my previous arguments tho.

People tend to blame lack of religion or lack of religious laws as a basis for social problems. But is that really it?

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  1. based on ur comments from any blog that ive read, i assume that u r well educated person. may i know wat is ur job? or wat did u study?

    1. I hope you don't believe everything you read. =)

      Since there is no right or wrong opinion, maybe it'll be more interesting if you can come up with your own opinion as an answer to those questions. You can use my blog as a clue if you like (but you don't have to).

  2. actually im amazed by how u write ur comments. ur english is so superb that i bet if u take MUET, u will get BAND 6 (the highest band) and can i know where did u learn how to construct those sentences?

    1. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm afraid you'll lose that bet.

      My grammar is erratic - a product of not paying attention in school and overconsumption of movies, music & literature of the lowest kind.

  3. :) it's not about the grammar actually, the way u construct ur sentences and the usage of many vocabularies i never heard of is great! im a bit jealous and hopefully i can construct sentences like u do too :) of course, with some consumption from the movies, music and literature :) thanks~

    1. Are you a student?

      I started to listen to rap music when I was 16. It's amazing how many new & sophisticated word you can pick up from rap songs. But of course, you need to have a higher tolerance for unnecessary cuss words and you know, misogynistic/homophobic/vanity/braggadocio attitude etc etc. (yes, I learned all those terms from rap music.)

      Like everything else in this world, take whatever good and useful from it and everything else is just noise. And that's just an example. Not a very healthy one, I have to say.

      If you're a student, having friends from law school or debate club would be good too. I'm not cool enough to hang out with law students but I knew a couple of debaters back then and they have so many weird references.

      This is funny, me handing out advice. I feel so old. LOL

  4. a final year student in university now but i feel like my english skill when i was in high school was much better than now T_T ....back then i used to read books whenever i can for the sake of passing spm wit flying colours.

    now, english subject is just not as challenging as b4 maybe, or maybe i've gotten a bit lazy >.< thanks to all the assignments that i have to submit, even to finish 1 novel is like jeopardizing the whole assignment i have in hands~

    erm...i think listening to music is more convenient as i dont really have to spent much time on it.....hahaha maybe i'll try listening to a rap song too, once in a wudnt hurt to learn some 'cuss word' which i think is a 'caci maki word?' am i correct?

    :D i think u r way older than me so yup, u are old :P

    1. Whatever you do, please don't listen to rap music. That's a very bad idea. ⊙﹏⊙"

      Good luck with your study and thanks for reminding me of how old I am. LOL