Double Rainbow

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Ok, I've asked him twice but Saharil is still keeping mum on whether he'll be writing for Fixi.

Well, I think he will and he wanted to keep it as a surprise. It's all about timing I guess. He had just published two books in May via Sol-Jah. July or August is too early for another book.

There'll be another Art For Grabs in September but I think September or October is still a little bit too early, unless he's writing something related to Malaysia Day. He'll be giving away an iPad 2 in November. Will it be published in December then? Or will he wait for next year's KLAB?

I don't think I'll ask him again since I don't want to ruin the surprise. And I'm not going to ask Amir. I'll just wait for it. If When it comes out (maybe sometime next year?), I'll say, I told you so! LOL.

Yeah, since this is an open ended speculation with no specific deadline, it will remain valid till the world's end, unless Saharil says: No! I'm not writing for Fixi and I never will! Let's hope he won't say that. Ha ha..


  1. i hope he will! he must!

  2. harap-harap macam tu la. tapi sampai bila kena tunggu ek? huhuu~

    anyway, nusra, you're like THE FIRST commenter ever! yay! haha

  3. oh yeke? eheh...
    dah lama cari kalau encik koeroxx ada tulis blog sebab selalu baca komen dalam blog orang and and thought, this guy mesti ada blog juga.

    yeay! jumpa!

  4. komen dalam blog orang? blog sape ek? hahaha