Double Rainbow

Ok, I've asked him twice but Saharil is still keeping mum on whether he'll be writing for Fixi.

Well, I think he will and he wanted to keep it as a surprise. It's all about timing I guess. He had just published two books in May via Sol-Jah. July or August is too early for another book.

There'll be another Art For Grabs in September but I think September or October is still a little bit too early, unless he's writing something related to Malaysia Day. He'll be giving away an iPad 2 in November. Will it be published in December then? Or will he wait for next year's KLAB?

I don't think I'll ask him again since I don't want to ruin the surprise. And I'm not going to ask Amir. I'll just wait for it. If When it comes out (maybe sometime next year?), I'll say, I told you so! LOL.

Yeah, since this is an open ended speculation with no specific deadline, it will remain valid till the world's end, unless Saharil says: No! I'm not writing for Fixi and I never will! Let's hope he won't say that. Ha ha..