Vektorday #3: I'm Calm

Sorry guys, there won't be any new vector for today. I didn't have time to do a proper one since I was pretty busy for the whole week. That and my constant procrastination.

As a compensation, here's an old one, done in early 2009. This piece had been recently recovered from an old thumbdrive along with several others (half-assed vectors).

This is one of my first vectors done in Illustrator. I think it was CS2. Created as an accidental homage to one of my favorite band: Carburetor Dung.

Yeah, that's right. Accidental homage.

In the sleeves of their first album, Fendi created what he called an "Aggro-Art" titled I'm Calm.

While tracing the reference photo, I keep adding more and more hard lines on the face and it kinda reminds me of Fendi's piece. The facial expression is different but both are clearly anything but a calm one. So, I decided to draw the border, throw in the speech bubble and call it a homage to the Dung. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Anyway, in case you are curious, here's what Fendi's original art looks like:

Ok folks, see ya next week for Vektorday #4! Hopefully it's going to be a decent one.