Kitty Pride

We got a mystery cat living with us. It's been at least a couple of months now. We don't know where she came from (yeah, she came from her mama, but that's not what I meant, you silly you!). All of a sudden, she's one of us.

She's a wild one. Chasing grasshoppers and climbing trees. She likes to play in the sand. Rolling around the front yard, eating grass. Come and go as she please.

During the day, she'll sit in the shades, stalking birds. Never chase any. Just stalking. At night, she roams around the house, hunting for lizards and small insects.

Before dawn, she'll sing along to the azan. Climbing on top of people, rubbing her nose against the sleepers. And she won't stop. Not until you wake up.

She sleeps wherever she likes. Under the dining table, between neatly folded shirts, under the bed, on top of the stairs, behind the sofa, on the rug.

She could be pretty territorial sometimes. She'll march proudly to the front gate and chase any female cats, especially the pregnant ones, should they try to trespass.

She's not afraid of snakes or foxes and she will stand her ground against any. But she'll run and hide if she saw any stranger walking to the front door.

She's such a wonderful magical mystical spoiled silly creature. And she has no name.