Vektorday #5: Adventurer Team

This is Finn the human and Flapjack the adventurer, characters from two of my favorite animated tv series on Cartoon Network.

I guess, this is me, going back to my roots.

Before I started doing vectors in Illustrator, I was doing it in Photoshop and before that, I was doing something called vexel, which is basically a mix between vector and raster (of course, I don't know they call it that when I was doing it. haha).

It took me quiet a long time to learn how to use pen tool in Photoshop. So before I learned the pen tool, I draw stuff using lasso tool. And waaaaaaaaaay before I learned how to use lasso tool properly, I use nothing but the shapes of alphabet and numbers. You know, like how the letter O can be used for eyes, and letter D sideway can form a mouth. Stuff like that.

That was a lifetime ago. Right after I got tired of manipulating photos. Back when all we have is a choppy dial-up internet connection. Without having any tutorial to refer to, I learned how to do things the hard way. It's pretty silly, actually.

It's been quite some time since I did a chibi character. The last one was probably a South Park styled portrait I did for a friend back in 2005(?). And that was 100% lasso tools in Photoshop.

Maybe I'll do more chibi characters in the future. Who knows.

Anyway, this piece is a little bit rushed. Done in ±2 hours. It's already 2.30 when I finished with the shading and I'm hungry. The kerning is way off. I think I'll fix that later. Fixed!

See ya next week!