What A Crock!

Does that sounds racist to you? Wait a minute, there's 7 more posters after the jump!

(If you just can't stand cuss words, then perhaps these posters are not for you. And I'm sorry if you're offended.)

This posting comes a little bit late. The posters had been around (at least) since December. But, maybe some of you have never seen it yet. So, here's the rest of the posters from A Bunch of Crock:

A Bunch of Crock is an art exhibit by Safwat Saleem, a Pakistani immigrant living in Arizona, where political statements are analyzed and simplified to convey what politicians & pundits really mean whenever they say something as regards to minorities.

Go over to A Bunch of Crock's website to find out more about the context and story behind each poster. The time spent there is worth it, I promise!

I wish I could come up with something like this. Hmm, maybe it's not too late yet.

via FPO