Girls at War - Part 1

They’re fighters, these girls, each in their different way.

Excerpt from the Girls at War, an article by Elizabeth Rubin for Tablet magazine (the ones in italics are mine):

They are a generation of girls born on the land known as the illegal settlements who did not arrive with ideology and hope like their parents. They just sprouted there.

“I think if there are clashes between the laws of Torah and the laws of the state, I will allow myself to violate the laws of the state.”—Lea Kop, a web activist from Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv. She's not from Ma'ale Levona, but from the same generation.


When I saw the title of the article : Girls at War - How a group of teenage believers could reshape the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, I was expecting a story about a group of girls fighting for peace in the Middle East, in a sweet, girlish fashion.

But I was wrong.


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Read the article in full - all 8000+ words of it - at Tablet. Photo by Gillian Laub.
Disclosure: the article is written about Jewish people by a Jew for a Jewish magazine.